Lately my little three-year-old has reached this new level of energy that is unbelievable. Even after coffee, my energy level doesn't match his. What amazes me is that through mealtimes, "nap" times, school times, and basically all the times, he is constantly on-the-go. I like to be on-the-go with a cup of coffee. on the couch. watching . . .

After several days of rainy weather, the indoors would no longer hold my patience or his energy. So we began the great journey of getting ready to go outside. When we finally got outside, I settled into a chair with my coffee and a book. What luxury!!!

He was happy! He was playing in the sunshine! He was running down the hill . . . He was tripping . . . He was bellyflopping in the mud and crying. Well, we tried. 

This mud could not have been more artfully applied! His personalized name leggings have been in use for more than two years. For all the wear and tear, all the days they have been left with food, poop,  or dirt in the pile of laundry (I can never finish) . . . they look pretty amazing. 

Would this mud be the end of them? With some bleach, stain remover, and twice through the wash, what would happen?


Well, bring on the mud, because this fabric is amazing! And bring on another cup of coffee ;)!


Meg at A Great Baby