Can I Ask You Something Really Awkward?

Lately I have sworn off shopping with the kids. It is too stressful. If we can't make it thru the dollar section of Target, I should take a hint. They don't love shopping, as much as I do.

I go into this sort of Zombie "everything is beautiful, I must look at everything at Target" state of mind.

It is not beautiful though when snacks spill leaving a crunchy path for others to enjoy. I don't enjoy when little hands pull things off the shelves.

I don't love waiting for the cashier to finish scanning items while my child screams at the top of their lungs.

Today, we needed excercise and sunshine, so we substituted with Starbucks and the Pet Store. It is all sorts of drizzling cold outside.

I foolishly thought we could run into one more store. We picked a present for Grammy and hopped in line within twenty minutes.

But the line was long, and my son started flopping like a fish at the end of my arm. Things weren't looking good . . .

As we finished checking out, my son loudly told me he needed to go potty. We raced to the restroom. One child held (and drank) my coffee while I helped the other try to get everything into the toilet. Another mom with her own toddler and baby were waiting. I apologized for our delay, realizing she needed the biggest stall too.

Then she said, "can I ask you something really awkward?"

She asked, "can you hold my baby . . . It's so hard to use the bathroom with them." That's not awkward. I so understand, and I was honored. I held a sweet baby, named Faith.

Her mom was so kind and thankful.

It's funny how much that interaction meant to me. Maybe it was just the joy of a three minute conversation with an ADULT. But I understood her plight. SO WELL. We were in this same trench called motherhood.

It reminds me that this is one of the reasons why I love AGreatBaby.

We are, or have been, in the trenches. We understand how the days are long, and the weekends short. Showers and sleep are hard to get. There is always noise, but not enough adult conversation. Oh how we get it, friends.

Hold Faith, because these days are not forever.

Love, Meg from A Great Baby