Q: Do you keep items in stock or custom make them for each individual customer?


ANSWER:  We make each order as it comes in just for YOU and your special bundle of joy.  That is why we ask for two weeks to print up your fabric and get it sewn for you.

Q: Do you use professional sewing equipment? Will I see raw edges on the inside of my garments?  

ANSWER:  We use professional sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machine, heat press, etc.  Nothing you get from us should look like it was sewn by an amateur.  Mary Zimmer has sewn professionally all of her adult life, and will be in charge of quality control of anyone who sews for us. 


Q: What if I do not like my order?  Do you give refunds?

ANSWER:  We have created your garment for you, because you hired us to do so.  We used your spelling, your color combination, and your size.  We cannot give refunds because we would lose money on the labor and supplies of your goods.  With this said, we do give the best quality goods to you that we can.  If at any time there is a mistake that is our fault, we are happy to provide you with the corrected garment at no charge.  

Q: How long will it take to get my orders. 



Q: What if I need it really fast?  

ANSWER: As of right now, we are asking for two weeks to get your item made and shipped to you.  When we cannot fill your order within two weeks, we will let you know, and offer you a refund if you cannot wait until the item is available.  

ANSWER: When you absolutely must have something special made right up, you will need to call us.  We will have to be sure we have all supplies needed to promise  you delivery. If we do, the fee is an additional 25% and it buys you the first place in line.  We will discuss shipping at that time and I will write up your order to get it done as soon as I possibly can.  Please remember I am just one person.  If I am away, or unavailable, I will tell you that.  860 358-9007 is my desk phone.